Decolonise Our Genitals. Episode 2
  with McKenzie Wark and Decolonising Contraception

Roisin and Iarlaith are joined by writer and scholar McKenzie Wark to discuss identity in a settler society, vulgarity/vulgar Marxists, and putting language under pressure when it comes to gender and sex. They’ll also be talking to Edem Ntumy and Annabel Sowemimo of Decolonising Contraception about trauma and pleasure for Black and people of colour in Britain.

Aired July 2021.

Decolonise Our Genitals. Episode 1
with Daniel Bermingham and Roisin Agnew

Roisin and Daniel have finally been given a radio show. Decolonise Our Genitals is a trashy bi-monthly chat show about desire, British men and cultural imperialism in sex, presented by  Montez Press Radio and Liquid. 

Our first episode is an attempt to introduce the core ideas of the series, reflect on a new low for Britain, and talk absolute filth. We also rate British men 1-10, from Nigel Farage to Phil Lynott.

Aired March 23rd, 2021.

In our next episode we’ll be joined by McKenzie Wark. 

Wrong Bad Sluts and Dennis Cooper
with Diarmuid Hester, 2020

For Montez Press Radio Roisin talks to Cambridge University lecturer and radical cultural theorist Diarmuid Hester about, WRONG, his new critical biography of Dennis Cooper, the cult author once named "the last literary outlaw" and "the most dangerous writer in America." They discuss his recent revival, his treatment of transgressive sex, his homo-anarcho radicalism, The Sluts, and they repeat John Waters' favourite Cooper quote ("If you really loved me you wouldn't rim me while I'm crying") a little too often. Music by Davy Kehoe.

Mushrooms! Mushrooms! Mushrooms!with Francesca Gavin, 2020

For Montez Press Radio Roisin talks to Francesca Gavin about John Cage's love of mycology, the future and obsession with fungi, her new print project Limbo Zine, and why we need more silliness. Francesca is the curator behind Somerset House’s recent exhibition, Mushrooms: The Art, Design, and Future of Fungi. Music by Davy Kehoe.

We need to talk about Karen with Jessa Crispin, 2020

For Montez Press Radio Roisin talks to Guardian columnist Jessa Crispin about the origins and evolution of the ‘Karen’ meme. They look at the weaponisation of racial tensions by white women; the patriarchal use of female fragility; ambient fear; as well as the misogynist implications of the term. Finally they ask how can white women be better allies?

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